We have tried to put down as much information as possible to help with any common questions you might have to do with some of our ranges.

Moveables Wall Stickers

Are MOVEABLES non-toxic?

Yes, MOVEABLES wall stickers are non-toxic and safe for children to use.

What walls can I stick MOVEABLES wall stickers to?

MOVEABLES wall stickers are recommended for use on most walls. We suggest testing a small area before use.

Why are they referred to as MOVEABLES?

MOVEABLES wall stickers by Little Chipipi are removable and repositionable, so they can be moved easily over and over again, unlike traditional wall stickers.

What is the difference in quality compared to other wall stickers?

MOVEABLES wall stickers use the highest quality material available which means no bubbles or curling edges and no damage to walls.

Can children use them?

Yes, recommended age is 3+ years old. MOVEABLES wall stickers are thick and durable making them easy for little hands to use and reapply. Also one of the best things about MOVEABLES is they are FUN!! Kids will enjoy becoming the designer creating their own formations around the room. For babies, just looking up at these colourful stickers will help develop their little imaginations.
WARNING: This is not a toy. Parental supervision recommended for children under 3 years. Small parts included.

Where are they made?

MOVEABLES wall stickers are Australian Made & Designed.

I have just painted my walls, should I wait a while before using them?

We recommend waiting 3 weeks before applying MOVEABLES wall stickers.

We are moving house; can I take them with me?

Yes, carefully peel your MOVEABLES wall stickers off the wall and place on grease-proof baking paper.  Then take to your new house and re-apply.

Will they stick on rendered surfaces?

No, generally wall stickers will not stick to a prickly or rough rendered surface.

Will the wall stickers stick to glass and other flat surfaces?

Yes, MOVEABLES wall stickers will stick to most flat surfaces such as cupboards, doors, glass and wall paper.  Though, they may not remove and reposition as easily as on a wall surface.

For Walls Decals

How do I apply For Walls decals?

Preparation is the key - plan your layout.

For the larger decals – a second pair of hands will be very useful.

Wipe over surface with a dry clean cloth to ensure there is no dirt or dust.

It is then as simple as “peel & stick” – once you have found your ideal surface and planned your layout.

Simply peel the design from the backing, place on the wall and work in a diagonal direction from top to bottom applying firm pressure in a rubbing motion for 10 seconds.

Smooth out any air bubbles by directing them to the edges.

Apply extra pressure to edges to stop any lifting.

How do I apply For Windows decals?

Preparation is the key - plan your layout.

Clean the surface before application and allow drying.

Peel off the white backing material and apply.

Smooth out any air bubbles with a soft cloth or the palm of your hand.  Small bubbles that won’t shift will     most likely disappear once the sun warms your window.

If your window decal is in the wrong place or you change your mind, simply peel it off and try again.

A credit card works well to lift the initial edge when removing or repositioning.

Window decals can be moved and repositioned as often as you like!

Why won’t my wall decals stick sometimes?

There can be many reasons why wall decals won’t stay put – some of the known causes are:

Wall surface – our decals will not adhere to cloth, stucco, brick, concrete, cement render or similar uneven surfaces including some wall papers.  These surfaces are not completely smooth and unfortunately this does not allow for sufficient smooth surface area for the decal to adhere to.

Wall preparation – the wall has not been properly cleaned and dry before applying the decal.

Room Temperature – if your room suffers from extreme temperature changes – particularly heat, this can sometimes cause the adhesive to become soft and cause lifting.

Over-handling – preparation, preparation, preparation that is the key when applying your new decal – each time you remove it from the wall or handle the adhesive, you could be reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive. 

Newly painted - ensure your wall has been properly prepared with a good quality undercoat.  Allow for 3 weeks after painting before putting your decal up.

Paint choice – paints that are easy cleaning including, Teflon and silicone paints, are designed to repel anything from sticking to them (like sticky little fingers).  Unfortunately this means that some of them may also reject the adhesive used for removable wall decals.

With a bit more persistence, this problem can, in most cases, be overcome.  Simply apply more pressure more often to the decal after application.  

Rub over the decal each day for the first week or so.  We cannot guarantee this will work for all paint types due to variations in paint quality and wall surfaces. 

It is important to note this when you are choosing the paint to decorate your room.

How do I remove the decals?

Slowly peel off the decal by gently pulling away from the wall.

If the decal offers any resistance, gently warm it with a hairdryer set on LOW and the continue peeling.

Are your decals moveable?

Our products are designed to be durable and removable.  Our window decals are the only decals in our range that are moveable.

Cocoon Couture

How many beans do I need to fill my Cocoon Couture kids Bean Bag cover?
The Cocoon Couture bean bag covers hold '100 litres' of beans (one bag!) or 4 Cubic Feet of beans.

How many beans do I need to fill my Cocoon Couture Ottoman cover?
The Cocoon Couture ottoman covers hold approx. '50 litres' of beans (Half of 1 bag!) or 2 Cubic Feet of beans.  

How many beans do I need to fill my 'Tween sized' Cocoon Couture Bean Bag cover?
The Cocoon Couture Tween bean bag covers hold '250 litres' of beans (2 1/2 bags) or 9 Cubic Feet of beans.

Where do I find the beans to fill my beautiful Cocoon Couture Bean bag cover?
Cocoon Couture's unique bean bag covers are easy to fill and finding the beans is simple! 
Bean bag covers hold '100 litres' of beans (one bag!)
Visit your nearest Spotlight for a convenient way to purchase your bean bag filling

How to fill my Cocoon Couture bean bag?
You will receive a calico liner with your signature cocoon couture bean bag cover.  This is where you put your beans. Cut a small opening at the top corner of the bag of beans and carefully tip this into the calico liner opening.  Start shaking the beans into the liner, keeping a firm hold.  You can start to increase the size of the hole in the bag of beans, while pressing gently to fill the liner. Make sure you keep it securely held so as to avoid spilling.  Once the bag has been carefully emptied, zip the calico liner closed and place inside the cocoon couture signature cover.

How to fill my Cocoon Couture ottoman?
You will receive a calico liner with your cocoon couture ottoman cover.  We recommend that before filling you place the liner into the cover and fill the ottoman liner/cover manually with a 'cup' and scoop the beans into the liner this way.  It makes it easier to fill the liner in the cover due to the small size of this style.  Make sure you keep it securely held so as to avoid spilling.  Once the liner has been carefully filled, zip the calico liner closed, then zip up the ottoman cover. 

Cocoon Couture child safety zip operation.
The zip opening of the cocoon couture cover has a child safety zip pull which requires you to insert a paper clip or safety pin to act as the actual zip pull.  This ensures that when the cover is on, the zip remains closed and unable to be opened by children.  Please remove the paper clip or safety pin from the zip slide once the cover is closed.

What age does this delightful Cocoon Couture bean bag cater for?
The Cocoon Couture bean bag is perfect for kids from ages 1 thru to 8. We recommend the use of the bean bag from the age of one;  to ensure the toddler can move in and out of it freely without getting stuck.

What is the size of this Cocoon Couture kid's bean bag?
The Cocoon Couture bean bag measures 60cm across the base of the bean bag and 85cm in the height of the bean bag (from base to the top).  The measurement will vary once the bean bag is filled and depending on how full you fill your liner/cover. 

Walltastic Murals

How Many pieces does Walltastic come in?

Walltastic comes in 12 pieces.

What is the over-all size of Walltastic?

Walltastic measures 8ft x 10ft | 96” x 120” | 2438mm x 3048mm Approx

What is the size of each piece of Walltastic?

Each piece of Walltastic measure 20” x 48” (508mm x 1219mm)Approx

How do you apply Walltastic?

Apply Walltastic using Wallpaper paste.

What sort of wallpaper paste should I use for Walltastic?

You can use any kind of wallpaper paste.

Can you clean Walltastic?

When cleaning Walltastic only use a damp cloth.

Is Walltastic easy to put up?

Yes. Walltastic is easy to put up as it comes in 12 pieces, each strip is guillotined and rolled similar to wallpaper so no need struggling with stupidly long rolls. The best news is that you don’t have to be an expert at applying wallpaper.

Do I have to strip and prepare the wall before applying Walltastic?

No, you can put over existing wallpaper if you wish.

Is Walltastic easy to take off?

It is the same as taking off wallpaper.

What happens if my wall is bigger than 8ft x 10ft?

If the wall is bigger I would suggest centralising the Walltastic.

What happens if my wall is smaller than 8ft x 10ft?

Walltastic can be trimmed to size.


Jole' Home

Our Materials


Thread count determines the quality of material, indicatated commonly by the number of threads/yarn, warp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise), is woven per 10 square centimeters. Though less expensive, low thread count sheets (less than 120) usually fell rougher and are more likely to wear through and rip. Higher thread counts (usually 300 and higher) are less prone to shrinkage and have a greater luster and strength whilst feeling soft, and get softer with each wash.


Our fabrics are sourced from mills which produce long-staple cotton that is spun into a smoother, stronger, finer yarn, allowing more threads per inch, resulting in a luxurious fabric used for Jole Home bed linen.

Most of our cotton sheets are mercerized which is a process that helps plump the cotton fibers bringing out the silky drape, sateen sheen, the soft nap of cotton, enhancing both the feel of the fabric and the quality of the weave.

Jole' Home also offer Percale sheet sets. This type of material is a slightly tighter than the normal materials we use for bed linen. It is medium in weight, with no gloss and washes very well. Our cotton percale sheet sets are made from combed yarns and is less likely to produce fluff or bobbling, yet still offer that percale crisp feel 

Mongolian Cashmere / Wool

Wool of Inner Mongolia is considered to be ‘fibre diamond' in the world of textiles.......

Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world who have the cashmere goats. These goats produce what is considered the finest wool in the world.

The indigenous Mongolian Cashmere goat on average yields cashmere fibers which are 14-16 microns in diameter and lengths reaching 38-43mm. This in turn places Mongolian cashmere at top place in the world in terms of quality.

Some reasons for its high quality are due to the climate these Mongolian goats' lives in. The variety of plants, the severity of the winter climate and the breeding, all contribute to the softness, warmness and fineness of pure Mongolian cashmere wool.

CARE - Cashmere is the finest rare fiber in the world, so caring for these items is a little more than just washing in a machine. Cashmere should be hand washed in luke warm water with soap flakes or liquid soap. Do not twist or rub the piece as this may cause pilling. After washing rinse the piece with cool water ensuring all soap has been washed out. Wring the piece gently to get rid of excess water. Leave the piece to dry naturally out of direct sunlight or heat. Once dry you can iron lightly on a cool setting using a damp cloth or steam.

Following these instructions will ensure your piece of luxury will last for many years to come......... enjoy. 


Jole' Home bed linen are made to Australian standard sizes. However
we have also taken into consideration that many beds are larger and
deeper than in the past, so we have increased some sizes.....
just a little.


   Pillow case  Flat Sheet  Fitted Sheet 
 BASSINET  n/a   96 x 76cm  71 x 33 x 5cm
 COT  60 x 40cm (1)  170 x 115cm    143 x 75 x 20cm
 SINGLE  73 x 48cm (1)  240 x 190cm  190 x 90 x 40cm
 DOUBLE  73 x 48cm (2)   240 x 235cm  190 x 135 x 40cm
 QUEEN  73 x 48cm (2)   255 x 255cm  205 x 155 x 40cm
 KING  73 x 48cm (2)   255 x 280cm    205 x 180 x 40cm






   Pillow case Cover 
 COT  57 x 38cm (1)  140 x 100cm
 SINGLE  73 x 48cm (1)  210 x 140cm
 DOUBLE  73 x 48cm (2)  210 x 180cm
 QUEEN    73 x 48cm (2)   210 x 210cm
 KING   73 x 48cm (2)  210 x 240cm





COT  100 x 100cm / 100 x 120cm
SINGLE/DOUBLE  160 x 250cm
DOUBLE/QUEEN 230 x 250cm



There are a variety of products in the Pure Poppet range that can be purchased here, suitable for various occasions and budgets. Products are made in Australia using natural ingredients that are safe for precious skin.

For a special treat try our natural Play Makeup Kits packaged in either a box or bag, containing beautifully bright natural mineral powders that can be applied dry or mixed with a small amount of water to create a face paint look, deliciously smelling natural lip balms and a lightly fragranced floral water.

An ideal way to try the Pure Poppet products is to purchase a Play Pack or Single Pack that contain one or a couple of items and are great as party favours or to add in birthday packages.

For professional looking designs to add to dressing up fun use the play makeup stencils and colour in brightly with our mineral powders for a shimmery effect. Add some pastel highlights using the play makeup crayons.

Have a look at our natural face paint packs here that are suitable for boys or girls and allow your Poppets to become a variety of characters when dressing up.

We’re excited to have added a range of safe nail polishes to our product line up. Made in Australia using a water based, non-toxic formula, especially developed for little fingers and toes. Safe and free of harsh chemicals, our polishes are a great child friendly alternative to solvent based polishes. Free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.No solvents, formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Phthalates or FD&C Colours. Order from our water based nail polish range here.

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