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How it all began

In 2003, Stacey Power returned home to Auckland from New York, with her then 4 year old son Alex. As Alex grew from a precocious child into a charming teenager, Stacey found it increasingly difficult to find cool, funky furniture that appealed to teenagers and youngsters, so she decided if you can’t find it, Design it, and opened REM Design, a retail store based on Auckland’s famous and funky Karangahape Road, which has today become a solely online design store. The modern Web 2.0 environment and internet-savvy customers have meant REM Design has outgrown the need for our old bricks and mortar.

With a background in Nursing and Aesthetic Surgery, Stacey firstly researched the safety standards for bunks, beds, and furniture in New Zealand, to ensure that her furniture would meet and exceed all safety standards, which turned out to be the Australian Safety Standards.  With these safety standards always at the fore, she set about both sourcing and designing cool and funky furniture. 

Stacey’s philosophy was to design and source one bed that would change and develop as each child does, a bed that each child could make uniquely their own to reflect their changing needs and likes at each step of their childhood through into young adulthood.  A tall order - but she managed it by designing her own range of furniture that is both hard-wearing and designed to all safety standards. Stacey looked at other design ranges, like the funky Cilek range, but even this cool range of bunks and furniture didn’t have the storage space she wanted, and often didn’t fit NZ-sized bedrooms. So again, it was a case of if it doesn’t exist, Design it!  In New York she had quickly found that gimmicky type beds quickly lost their appeal when each child reached a certain age.  Nobody likes the same things forever, and as every parent knows, this is SO true of children as they develop.  Stacey found that if you start out with a great quality bed that can convert from say a Bunk to a sofa-style set of beds, by simply updating the linen and other design elements, you can very quickly change the whole look of a room without spending a fortune.  This also gives parents a great chance to get their kids involved in designing and choosing just how they want their room and bed to look and feel.

Where are we now . . . ?

REM Design carries these same philosophies with us today – to continually source and design cool, funky designer pieces for children and teenagers that are of great quality and built to last.

We guarantee all our products and we also welcome your feedback anytime.  Just get in touch with us by emailing

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