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  • Belly Art

    Belly Art specialises in Baby Print gifts including D.I.Y belly castings, hand and feet moulds and the Baby inkless Print frames, photo frames and the new Baby Certificate range. We use only tried and tested 100% baby safe materials in our castings, and offer the latest styles and unique designs in our artistic and framing range.

  • Clocks

    A striking range of clocks by Homage, will enhance any room's decor.

  • Coat Racks

    Check out our brightly coloured hanger by Homage.

  • Kids Toys

    Moover Toys are designed according to the best design traditions and made of high-quality wood. The design of the toys is focusing on quality, safety, and function, which supports both learning and play.

  • Lighting

    Fantastic range of lighting for kids, cube lights, bedside lights, desk lights for study and also the designer range by Homage.

  • Retro Audio

    We have a fantastic range of retro audio by "The Limit", record players, MP3's and CD players in one as well as small sized Juke Box CD Player. Teenagers will love the old world look with today's technology.

  • Storage

    Forwalls brings you a brand new range of storage solutions which match in perfectly with your existing Forwalls products or provide a practical and fun new place to store the kid's gear. Choose from a large hamper style with handles for easy lifting and moving, or our cube boxes which fit perfectly into many Ikea-style storage units.

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