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Moover - Baby Truck

Available Colours: Red and Naturale

Moover Baby Truck is specially designed for children aged 6 - 36 month. The truck is fun and enables the child to familiarize him or herself with play on wheels in a safe way. It appeals to both boys and girls – and is therefore an obvious choice as the child's first ”ride-on” toy.

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$ 119.00

Play and Learning: With Moover Baby Truck the child can practice simple assembling and construction skills as both the truck body and the crane can be removed. In the driver's cab there is room for a teddy bear or a doll and other toys can be placed in the back. A creative mixture of play and learning.

“Our son was one year old, when he learned to disassemble the baby truck, now he is almost two and still very interested in playing with the truck.”
- Jani Laurikainen, Finland.

Safety: Moover Baby Truck is designed to drive straight, and the positioning of the rear wheels ensures that it cannot tilt. The truck thus gives the child a safe and calm first-time experience of toys on wheels.

Age: 1-5 yrs

Design: Designed by Kåre Tofte

Colour: Naturale, clear paint and red wheels

Product dimensions:
Length: 57cm
Height: 28cm
Width: 18cm

Weight: 1920 grams

  • Height 11 inches
  • Width 7.1 inches
  • Weight 1920 kg

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