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Moover Toys - Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

Available in Red and Naturale

Moover Toys’ Rocking Horse is a fun and instructive rocking horse, which has been designed specifically for the very small children.
The design combines the classic rocking horse with modern design – and introduces the child to the ancient game of ”rocking” in a safe and fun way.

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$ 195.00

Learning: Moover Toys' Rocking Horse teaches the child to rock by experiencing how a repeated body movement is transformed to the rocking movements of the horse.

Safety: The rocking horse is designed with Moover Toys' special ”brake curve” ensuring that the horse doesn't rock too high. This brake works automatically and unnoticed by reducing the speed when the horse reaches its highest point.

Moover Toys' Rocking Horse is also designed to ensure that the child sits securely in a protected seat. This results in a safe position during the rocking and prevents the child from touching the floor. The seat is intentionally made in such a way that it takes some time for the child to climb onto the seat.

Assembly: Moover Toys are delivered in flat packs and can be assembled easily and quickly with Moover Toys' unique ”click key system” - without the use of any tools. The assembly of Moover Toys' products is a joint, constructive experience for both children and grown-ups – later on, the children will be able to assemble the toys themselves.

Age: 1 - 5 years

Colour: Naturale clear paint.

Product dimensions:
Length: 44cm
Height: 42cm
Width: 25cm
Weight: 2200 grams

Design: Designed by Kåre Tofte

  • Height 16.5 inches
  • Width 9.8 inches
  • Weight 2.200kg

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